Together we must put Children’s Rights Up Front


With nearly 250 million children living in conflict-affected countries, there is an urgent need for more effective protection as they fall prey to recruitment and use by armed forces and groups, killing and maiming, sexual violence, abduction, and other grave violations of their rights. All parties to armed conflict must be held accountable for committing grave violations against children. #ChildrensRightsUpfront aims to highlight this need and build international momentum to protect the rights of societies’ most vulnerable - children.

Some #childrenrightsupfront numbers to give you context

Number of Grave Violations against children outlined in UN Resolution 1612
Number of parties to conflict on UN Secretary-General’s “list of shame”
Non-State Armed Groups using Child Soldiers
State Armies using Child Soldiers

Insights on putting #childrensrightsupfront

  • Children are the priority and they need to be protected from joining armed forces and armed groups. We have a duty to humanity to do this. #childrensrightsupfront

    — Dr. Shelly Whitman, Executive Director, The Dallaire Initiative —
  • “Last June, the UN Security Council strongly spoke out against mass abductions of children committed by Boko Haram, ISIL and others. It now ensures greater accountability by featuring perpetrators of abduction in the Secretary-General’s report,”…“Other perpetrators are missing from the list, however. In the global response to protect children in situations of armed conflict, there is no room for double standards.” 

    — Dragica Mikavica, Advocacy Officer, Watchlist —

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